1. Payment
100% upfront payment is required before ANY work on client’s project is commenced. Payment will be made between AuthorBookTour.com and the client. Providing full payment of the calculated fee indicates that the client has read, understood, and fully agreed to all the terms of service as outlined in this document. The contract is deemed effective upon receipt of the full payment.

2. Limited Warranty
AuthorBookTour.com warrants and represents that, to the best of the company’s knowledge, the work prepared by AuthorBookTour.com does not contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter. This warranty does not extend to any uses that the Client or others may make of AuthorBookTour.com’s services that may infringe on the rights of others. Client expressly agrees that it will hold AuthorBookTour.com harmless for all liability caused by the Client’s use of AuthorBookTour.com’s service to the extent that such use infringes on the rights of others.

3. Description Of Services and Client’s Obligation
Through its website, AuthorBookTour.com provides access to a wide variety of digital services. Client agrees to assist AuthorBookTour.com as and when required to ensure optimal performance of the tasks assigned to AuthorBookTour.com by the client. The tasks assigned to AuthorBookTour.com by the client must be definite, realistic, and clearly stated. Client agrees to provide authentic and error-free information regarding the project to AuthorBookTour.com. Errors occurring due to the negligence or mistakes of the Client will not be eligible for free revisions.

4. Revisions
AuthorBookTour.com agrees to offer free revisions if the client is not happy with the initial work. Any and all revision requests must be submitted by the client within 48 hours from the date of delivery; failure to do so may make the client ineligible for a revision and the order will be deemed as “complete”. Realistically speaking, however, AuthorBookTour.com cannot offer unlimited revisions and more importantly, revision requests of the client should not differ a lot from the client’s original request otherwise the same may not be entertained without extra payment. Revisions not due to the fault of AuthorBookTour.com shall be billed separately.

5. Refunds
Once AuthorBookTour.com has commenced working on the respective order, no refunds will be given. Due to the (digital) nature of the services provided by AuthorBookTour.com, it cannot offer refunds on completed work even if the client is dissatisfied with the same. If the client is unsatisfied with the work, the client is encouraged to contact AuthorBookTour.com and clearly detail their concerns.

6. Idea Theft and Copyright Infringement
AuthorBookTour.com assumes that copyright is automatically applied to the client in relation to the project submitted by the client. AuthorBookTour.com will never reproduce, release, publish or use the client’s project, without prior, and clear, written permission from the client.

7. Privacy
No personal information related to the client will be exchanged, released, shared or sold with any party, without prior, and clear, written permission from the client. In order to protect the privacy of its clients, AuthorBookTour.com will never share details of authors availing of its services.

8. Limitations of Liability
In no event does AuthorBookTour.com warrant that the services provided to the client will be uninterrupted or error free; nor does AuthorBookTour.com make any warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or results that may be obtained from the use of its services.
AuthorBookTour.com shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in performance due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of god, war, riot, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, service outages resulting from equipment and/or software failure and/or telecommunications failures, power failures, network failures, failures of third party service providers (including providers of internet services and telecommunications). The client affected by any such event shall be notified by AuthorBookTour.com within a maximum of fifteen (15) calendar days from its occurrence. The performance of this agreement shall then remain suspended for as long as any such event shall prevent AuthorBookTour.com from performing its obligations under this agreement. Under such special circumstances, the client maybe eligible for a partial refund of the payment made to AuthorBookTour.com, subjects to AuthorBookTour.com’s discretion.

9. No Income Guarantee
AuthorBookTour.com makes no claim regarding income guarantees or results from using its products, services, recommendations or any partner services. AuthorBookTour.com does not make any kind of guarantees regarding the number of sales or clicks client will get, as AuthorBookTour.com has no control over others’ actions.

10. Entire Understanding
This contract constitutes the sole agreement between AuthorBookTour.com(s) and the Client regarding this project. It becomes effective only when signed by both parties. Both parties warrant that they have read and understood the terms set forth in this agreement. Both parties ascertain that they will make a good faith effort to abide by the terms set forth herein.

Providing full payment of the calculated fee indicates that you, the client, have read, understood, and fully agree to all the terms of service as outlined in this document. The contract is deemed effective upon receipt of order, and/or full payment being received.

11. Updates
AuthorBookTour.com reserves the right to make changes or updates to this agreement at any time with or without any kind of prior intimation to its existing clients. It is the client’s responsibility to read this document before ordering any kind of service from AuthorBookTour.com.