Black 21: (Golden Hills Legacy Series, #1) Occult Supernatural – by Nancy Glynn – Review

This is one book which does not bore you with overlong, descriptive passages of natural sceneries or atmosphere. This is the kind of my book which, after giving you just the bare minimal tidbits about surroundings, grabs hold of your neck and jumps right into the ‘action’ – my kinda book. The eerie suspense that pervades the whole ebook starts right from the first chapter so as to compel the reader to keep turning page after page; I mean, after reading this, who wouldn’t?

“”I thought you said no one should be in the woods at this time?” she asked with irritation.

“My truck is on the other side. And that doesn’t apply to me,” he responded, smiling, and returned to his walk.

“Wait! You never told me your name!” but he didn’t hear her.

Why did he say soon? She stared after him, wondering more about who he was. He carried a dark look about him, dark hair, dark eyes, and something hidden beneath that smile.”

The innocence of the girl is delineated very well, so is the presence of the dark world lurking outside the boundaries of her innocence. In fact the great thing about the ‘evil’ in this book is that it is not portrayed in a conventional, stereotypical manner; rather, the ‘evil’ in this book is multilayered.

The dialogs are also quite real – apart from being grammatically correct, they have a feeling of realism unto them. This author’s work illustrates that you don’t have to forsake grammar and syntax for the sake of sounding realistic:

“Daisy, you okay? Can you hear me?”

The lights flickered a few times.

She thrashed her head and moaned. “No!” she said as if fighting something.

“I’m here, baby. Come back to me.” He put the book down and hugged her to him. “I love you so much.” He rocked her back and forth.

“I love you, too,” she murmured and closed her eyes again.

He checked her pulse and found one, although faint. He laid her back down to rest. “Get well, Daisy. You’re not alone in this. I’ll fight this with you. I’ll take the whole damn town down if I have to for you!”

you read each dialog, your heart starts beating faster, but that is true about the whole book actually. As you read the book, often times, you find yourself being engulfed with a very strong feeling of fear – fear of uncertainty – the same one that perhaps the protagonist also feels; I found the line “At first, Daisy’s vision seemed blurry, trying to adjust to her dark surroundings.” rather symbolic!

The bad parts: well the romance seemed somewhat contrived and unreal; also, the author seems to hammer down the idea of Christianity, of good vs. evil, etc., on to the readers all too often (this may not bode well with non-believers). The ending in fact sounded a bit too cheesy for me (“She then asked what if she can’t accomplish this act. The voice answered that she must, there is no other way.). However, I suggest that you check out this book just for the sake of the tight plot structure, well rounded characters and its eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.