The primary objective of is to support indie authors in any and every way possible. At we fully understand that given a choice, authors would prefer to write rather than market books. We also understand that with each passing day it is getting increasingly difficult for indie authors to make their mark in the industry. There are a few reasons behind this:

a) A preconceived (albeit false) belief that the quality of books written by traditionally published authors are better than those produced by indie authors.

b) Lack of support from communities of authors and readers. It is hard enough to find readers who would read and review indie books in a timely manner, but even harder to save your skin from the poisonous bites of other jealous indie authors.

c) Financial issues. An indie author can barely afford to pay a decent amount of money to promote his or her book.

d) Stiff competition. More and more indie authors are joining the crowd every day and needless to say, not all of them are writing great books.

Fortunately is here to take the worry about getting your books in front of potential readers out of your head so that you can concentrate all of your efforts on writing and leave the marketing to us. All of our promotions are GENRE-TARGETED, so if you want to put your book in front of the right audience, look no further. Marketing, by the way, does not have to break the bank; our inexpensive pricing structure is proof of that.

Over time we plan to offer many more services to authors including beta reading, proofreading, editing, producing book trailers, book formatting, and much much more. Stay informed of our future offers by joining our marketing list on the left.

Thank You, Team